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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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president's day. feels like fourth of july. leyla is here and mike will speak up. >> we will look outside on live doppler hd and show you all fog is in the central valley at seven miles in santa rosa is the lowest visibility. from the east bay hills camera you can see our 12-hour day planner is going to show temperatures are running around 40 to 56. headed to unanimous it -- headed to noon, it is mild at 66. the temperatures will drop in the afternoon and evening and into the 50s and the rest of issue in the 70's. >> it has been holiday light. ait has. >> we have a leisure drive later today and that is the time to do with light conditions and no traffic. if you are working on this president's day coming interest san francisco it will take no i'm we usually see the metering lights turned on but it is not
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necessary. the golden gate bridge is free of fog from marin to san francisco it will only take a short couple of seconds. we have a change in mass transit and parking meters and street cleaning. breaking news in the east bay, crews are on the scene a suspicious fire at claremont middle school in oakland. investigators say the fire started in the cafeteria and spread into the attic with the high ceiling making it dif to fight. there are signs of forced entry. the cool is closed in honor of president's day. amy hollyfield is on the scene with a full report at 6:30. san jose police are pouring over security video looking for the gunman who shot and killed a beloved security guard over on box of cigars they tried to
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stale. matt? police have not announced any arrests in the case. or any suspect descriptions. they have the surveillance video. they hope that will lead to an arrest. the victim in this case was a security guard at a nightclub in san jose the owner of the liquor store next door said two men tried to steal cigars worth about $20 and the security guard ran to the suspect after one fell. they got up and ran to a car. the liquor store own are said someone in the waiting car shot at the security guard hitting him at least once. he died at a local hospital. another security guard spoke with us of the >> it is scary. i have to do my job. the best i can. have to be careful. it is dangerous. there have been incidents in this parking lot in the past,
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minor but never this serious. >> bullets hit the window of the lurk store and shatter add window at the club. no one was injured. the guard was parked out of the nightclub surrounded by candles and white flowers. the san jose police would not confirm the identity of the we we security guard. one of his favorite candies were spread around the car the third homicide of the area in san jose. the ripple effect in the port shut down grows. california's citrus industry is facing huge losses and automakers feel the pinch. we explain. this is what the port of oakland looks like this morning containers are stacked and vessels are waiting to be unloaded and the impact is being felt worldwide. taking a big hit is the citrus
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industry with containers cannot be unloaded and some shipments reportedly are being spent back because they are rotting. fruit grower could use millions. >> we will lose 20 percent to 25 percent of our exports. at least. >> this is the 4 of 5 prayings have been closed. the auto industry is cutting back work at plants because parts are not coming through and the closure will last through the holiday weekend and will re-open tomorrow. president obama is getting involved in the port dispute and will send the labor secretary to california to meet with both sides with details on the trip not announceed. >> happening today a century old bay area company is shutting
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their doors for good. the closure at the formal wear was supposed to close today they have been working to get the duck -- becomes. the owner did not follow through with a recovery plan and all stores will close for good today. >> state attorney general harris may have trouble winning the latino vote if a former los angeles mayor decides to challenge her in the primary. according to the chronicle a poll from miami firm specializing in latino electorate shows we the former we los angeles voter would best we harris but if he is not in the race, harris is out on top.
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they asked latino voters about top concerns and 29 percent say johns and the economy and 20 percent say education and illegal immigration was third with 15 percent saying it is the top issue facing the golden state. >> a man is in the hospital after he tried to get into a stranger's car in san francisco. it happened yesterday morning. police say a surfer was looking for a place to park the car and the man he did not know tried to hop in. the surfer was frightened and drove off and hit another car with the man still hanging on to his moving car and we talked with a motorcyclist with much withed it happen but did not want his face on camera. >> he fell out. he hit the ground. he rolled five times. the vehicle took off. it went away. the guy on the ground wasn't moving and i told the driver he had to go back and he went back. >> police are sorting out why
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the man was trying to get into the surfer's car. >> large tree fell in haight-ashbury neighborhood that came down yesterday afternoon. it appears the tree came apart at the root. no one was hurt. no cars were damaged. the street was closed while crews sawed up the tree. it took down power heinz but there what no disruption. >> new details on a san francisco building that burned last month. according to the chronicle the building was cited for missing fire extinguishers, blocked fire escapes, locked exits and smoke alarms that does not work. the violations stretch back several years and a man died in the fire and dozens were displaced. the building passed the last fire inspection in august but four say that is because of sloppy documentation by the fire department. >> is it february or july?
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>> it feels like fourth of july looking at the strange of 70s we are experiencing. >> looks more like summer headed to tomorrow with the marine layer and well wake up to fog and get afternoon sun. good morning to you, a look at 42 the cool spot on the peninsula, and palo alto is 54 and foster city is 46 and belmont is 52 and 53 in hayward to 54 in los gatos and other oakland and san jose at 47 to 48. 39 in san ramon the cool spot and 42 in napa and 45 at half moon bay. headed into the afternoon, it will be sunny and the coast and increasing clouds with the sea breeze developing and 62 to 66 and the rest of us around the upper 60's to mid-70s with a cloud or two. here is how it looks on the peninsula, looking over at sfo
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where we do not have issues but denver and the east coast watch out. cooler tomorrow, wednesday, and another warm trend. >> we will start off with a look at drive time traffic and the numbers are 580 westbound tracy to dublin at 25 minutes and holiday light officially and highway 4 westbound antioch to concord 14 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco at 17 minutes and getting lighter as the morning progresses. a new action blocking two lanes through oakland westbound up to park the rest of the drive is clear along highway 13 with this delays and 880 an early crash and in san leandro at marina boulevard that is gone. you can see the clear conditions nothing but green and moving at top speeds. >> new this morning, a massive bang heist ends in the theft of
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$1 billion but the reasons did not walk in the front door. >> another government shut down? the weekend warning just issued by house of representatives speaker boehner. >> air scare forcing a flight to return to the gates. stay tuned.
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in your coverage. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is a local damon day and a look at 680 in walnut creek the tail lights headed
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southbound, with plenty of cars on the road even though it is a holiday. we are checking traffic with leyla gulen. >> there was a $1 billion digital bank heist. "new york times" say hackers hit 100 banks including some in the united states installing spyware on bank computers and made illegal transfers. a hacker managed to rig an a.t.m. to spew out cash. the thieves are russian chinese, and european. >> the country could be on the verge of another partial government shut down during an appearance on fox news sunday house of representatives speaker boehner is prepared to allow funding to the department of homeland security to lapse after the house going passed a spend land if the department that would gut president obama's immigration plan. the president has vowed to veto the budget if it goes to his desk. san francisco's pelosi is calling on a clean homeland
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security bill with funding running out next friday. >> a scorpion stung a woman on the hand before the flight from los angeles to portland took off so the plane returned to the gate and the woman was check by permits. -- by paramedics. the members of the oregon state university men's basketball were on the flight and mike parker said and i quote "coach was two rows behind the woman." flight attendants killed the scorpion and checked for additional bugs but it is not clear how it got on the flight that originateed in mexico. a most unwelcome stowaway. >> subway is getting $1.2 billion buyout paying the sandwich shot a fee to get out of a company to open two shots.
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the dole was signed a few months ago but united will take over the space subway wanted to build new club for the airlines preferred passengers. a spokesman said $1.2 million soundses like a lot but the new united club will generate five times as much as the two subways combined. >> millions will travel across china this weekend with tens of thousands of packed railroad stations in shanghai and the rush began over the weekend and is expected to last through at least wednesday when the new year's holiday begins. passengers will take at least 295 million trips aboard the railroads and the airlines will carry about another 57 million people as china brings in the year of the sheep. >> what is in your rerefrigerator may say a lot about you. >> nothing says more about what we eat and drink, our main dating activity.
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>> tonight we look at what your refrigerator says about you could compatible with possible dates to turn up the heat on love. tune in tonight right here at 11 o'clock. >> turn up the heat on love in your ice box...sounds like a country and western song. >> how about "50 shades of food." >> nowering talking. have not seen the movie or the book but imagine food nasa there somewhere. >> $83 million. >> you read the first book? >> tried? >> me? no. i am telling a lie. get off the topic. move on. >> my nose is getting longer. >> is that a secret? >> i didn't realize that.
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>> i will get yeah. >> the next 45 minutes will be awkward. >> the colors are showing san francisco since december one we have been above average with the high and the low at 56.5 degrees warmer from 1958 to you can see how quiet it is. winds are blowing from the east at five to eight miles per hour so not too blustery on the water this morning. >> right now the winds on the coast are packing the marine layer offshore but in the afternoon it will return so you will be cooler than the rest of us and the clouds will come all the way to all of our neighborhoods tomorrow and wednesday and we will be cooler and guess what? the winds reverse for the weekend and another warming trend so if you missed the warm
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sunshine and the beaches this weekend, we have it again for you. you can see the fog in the central valley and the winds trying to pull through the delta so watch out for varying conditions and cloud cover along the coast and off the cost until we get to noon and the winds shift and pull on to the coast so we will be in the 60's with the rest of us in the 70's. we will start at 72 in milpitas and 75 in san jose, and santa cruz is 68. low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula and 73 in mountain view, tying a report and the mid-60's along the coast and 70 and close in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 70s and ten degrees cooler at the coast and low-to-mid 70's at the east bay shore and into our east bay valley and in the central valley and the santa clara valley we are in the mid-40's to low 50's and as we have done the last several days we will look at the continue day
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forecast friday, saturday sunday monday, tuesday wednesday, thursday friday...looking pretty darn dry other than the mountain snow. it was a joke last week but new it is lacking more serious. the seven-day forecast shows a couple of degrees cooler on tuesday and wednesday and 70's to the rest of our neighborhood and by saturday they return to the coast. >> we had calm waters on the bay and as far as mass transit the ferries will be on a weekend schedule and bart is on a saturday schedule to trains just started rolling. muni and all buses and rail on the saturday schedule. check with the local mass transit agency. do not be late today. we had as clea sweeper was facing the wrong
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direction and westbound traffic is now moving along fine with no delays on the nimitz into oakland. we are taking you to the north bay, 101, it is smooth sailing and your top speed into rohnert park and petaluma and to novato at 57, 3 delays. >> coming up jimmy kimmel takes home a new honor. >> a list coverdell like you have never seen her before. discover card. hey! so i'm looking at my bill and my fico® credit score's on here. we give you your fico® score each month for free! awesomesauce! wow! the only person i know that says that is...lisa? julie?! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score. ♪ [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard.
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good morning next on "good morning america" the alleged motive behind the murder of american sniper chris kyle reveals and the family speaking out for the first time in an exclusive interview on "good morning america" next. at least two critic fans are in trouble with the law in australia. video captured objects flying in a club in sydney with temperatures flare when fans watched a world cup mash between india and pakistan. at least 40 people took part and four needed to go to the hospital and if you kept score india routed pakistan by 76 runs. if australia >> knife day party is in full swing in rio de janeiro. last night the world famous parades began with feathered dancers and musicians.
6:24 am
the rain did not put a the fun. the part lasts until which is length. >> jimmy kimmel was honored in hollywood. he posed on the red carpet before receiving the award from the los angeles italian fashion and art festival honoring italian members who have made outstanding contributions to entertainment. other winners were tick -- nicholas cage and pacino. >> it was "50 shades of green," where the r rated drama "50 shades of grey" became the top greecing fisherman's wharf for president's day week and valentine's day and was just behind "passion of the crime." the movie sold 100 million
6:25 am
companies of the book and property in $81 million and could bring in $930 --90 million before it is over. >> and here is a picture of cindy crawford, the undowned up photo of the super model is from 2013 story in mexico saying it was leaked. no matter where it came from social media is on fire with support if the bombshell with someone saying "thank you, every woman needs to see." she is seen only from the waste up and the chest up the picture was viral over the weekend after british journalist shared it on twitter. >> it was incredibly empowering to someone so beautiful as cindy crawford naturally.
6:26 am
>> the response in a blog was "it is real, it is honest and it is gorgeous." the 48-year-old mother of two has not commented on the the photo but said it is important to be comfortable in your own skin at any age even when it is sagging skin. she has had two kids. >> a family had an unexpected passenger join them on a kayak trip on valentine's day. notice the extra passenger? a sea lion extend on the kayak and 9 family did not mind. they had a fun ride. a photographer would works in santa barbara spotted the sea lion getting comfortable with the dad and took this video. >> the warriors take on the big apple and show everyone how it
6:27 am
is done last night in new york city. >> but first terror in denmark, the developments after 9 weekend shootings last two people dead. >> middle school cafeteria caught fire and when the smoke cleared firefighters spotted something suspicious. >> this morning we are waking up to a free so other than a few high clouds we have sunshine and mild temperatures to warmer than agency this afternoon. but the prez will shift. stay tuned. >> it is holiday lite with all of the details coming up when we return.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning! it is president's day. it is absolute joran van der
6:30 am
day. thank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will go with the weather right now. very special. very special. live doppler hd is clear. what you will not see are low clouds from the roof camera. beautiful pictures. the day planner in the 40s and 50s and the my 50s by noon and temperatures are dropping this afternoon with the sea breeze kicking in. low 60's for you and by the evening, mid-50s to 60's degrees. >> do you -- if you look over to
6:31 am
the traffic tower, you can see it is quiet out there. it is holiday lite near highway 17. no delays. no accidents. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights never turned on. we do not need them. more information on mass transit just ahead. >> breaking news we brought you at 4:30. flames damage a middle school this morning in oakland. firefighters call this fire "suspicious." amy hollyfield is at chair -- claremont middle school. >> there was a door that caught their eye that was open not something you would see at a middle school at 2:00 a.m. and it looked to have been forced open and it did not appear person had a key. the fire started before 2:00 this morning with serious damage to the claremont middle school
6:32 am
on college avenue in the carteria a tough firefight that nuclear 45 minutes to get the fire out. >> the building is a large building and the fire had a good head start on us and because of high ceilings in here and the tiles on the ceiling it made it difficult to get to. >> the cafeteria is destroyed. the other buildings are okay. this is smoke-and-water damage. it will be up to the school district whether to hold classes. today is a local day. they want to know if someone set the fire. if so why? if you know anything call the fire department. breaking overnight, danish police arrested two opinion suspected of helping carry out two deadly attacks in denmark. they are suspected of give the gunman shelter and getting his
6:33 am
of his weapon after shootings that left two dead. the 22-year-old suspected gunman died in a shoot out yesterday. he killed a danish fmaker. he has a history of violence and gang connections and was inspired by materials superintendent by isis. >> egypt is reporting fighter jets conduct add second wave of air streets against isis if libya. the bombing is after the release of a horrific video showing the beheading of coptic christian hostages. all bombers we returned safely. last weak, president obama asked congress for formal authorization to wage war against isis. >> citrus growers and automakers are feeling the pinch as the slow down at the ports enters the four the day with one
6:34 am
growing losing $3 million a week. cam exports large amount of the citrus to asia and honda is planning to slow production at the plants in indiana, ohio and canada starting today because of a lack of parts through the ports such as oakland. 29 ports are in the middle of a costly shut down over stalled labor talks. >> we should know today if california melt the goal for health insurance in cover california. though hope to enroll 1.7 million customers. officials say there are many reasons people do not sign up although it is the law. >> they felt they could not afford it. there were immigration issues. they had mixed mission status. for example some people were eligible for coverage and others in the family were not.
6:35 am
>> i procrastinate but i wanted to make sure i understood everything before i picked a certain plan. i wanted to have out there. as bay area residents walk around in shorts and t-shirts enjoying our warm weather people in new england of bracing for more snow and cold. boston got 13 additional inches of snow, for the most snow since records starts in 1872. they beat the old record set a decade another by 20". the cold weather has been a money pit spending 20 million clearing the roads in a fewer weeks. 715 flights are canceled across the nation according to, 300 new
6:36 am
flights canceled since we came on the air. in the bay area three are canceled at sfo and if flights at san jose or oakland. >> the f.a.a. will conduct an investigation and emergency landing of a small plane on an east bay government couple of losing power after take off from the executive airport yesterday afternoon and landed on the sky west golf course next to the airport. this video shows the plane on the golf course and a wing leaked 10 gallons of fuel cleaned up by the crews, and the pilot was the only person on the plane is he walked away unharm unharmed. >> there is a transformation happening in santa clara workers spending the night spraying water for a temporary ick rink at levi stadium. on saturday the smashes host kings in the first ever outdoor nhl game in known california. crews will begin paint the ice
6:37 am
tonight. >> developing in san jose, a security guard shot and killed. how a $20 box of cigars played a role in the violence. >> the countdown to oscar sunday is on the way and filmmakers will be taking part in hollywood's biggest night. >> look at the toll plaza: it is empty. you can see weather and traffic during the entire commercial guess
6:38 am
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>> it is president's day. check the week heed in san francisco. the average high is 61. we will be nearly 70 today. with the cooling trend tuesday and wednesday and thursday we will not drop back to normal before the warming trend hits this weekend and 70's come back.
6:40 am
we had dense fog advisory from santa ana to tijuana with possible flight delays in san diego. 75 in los angeles, and 85 in palm springs and cloudy 68 in monterey and hopefully shy of a record in lake tahoe at 59 after a warm weekend. >> the 360 camera shows a screen but, first, to the maps you can see what is happening in mass transit, we have 23 trains running on time and a weekend schedule and trains 5 and 7 are rolling on time and it is on a local day schedule and we have mass transit on the altered schedule so check in with green conditions across the bay area and top speeds no delays and no accidents with a couple earlier have all cleared.
6:41 am
>> the i.r.s. dirty dozen the agency reveals the top scams to watch out for just in time for tax season. >> the warriors hit the hard floor in the big apple and do not disappoint in new york city. >> you can stay in the know with traffic and weather together during the entire commercial break. stay tuned.
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6:43 am
>> covering walnut creek campbell, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> san jose police this morning are hoping surveillance video will lead them to the gunman who shot and killed a security guard over the weekend. >> matt keller is there with how a box cigars led to the
6:44 am
violence. >> surveillace cameras everyone in the area of the shooting so you can expect police to go over that and that will hopefully generate leads. they have announced any arrests. the victim in this case was a security guard at the nightclub on north capital avenue san jose. the owner of the next door liquor store said two men tried tough steal $20 worth of we cigars and tripped outside the pavement. the security guard identified as "manny," tried to see if they were hurt and they ran to the waiting car. [ inaudible ] >> boom, boom, boom. >> i saw people run to the door and someone came back and was trying. i knew something happened. >> bullets hit the window and shatter add window at the club on saturday night. police say the security guard died at a local hospital. his car was still parked outside of the night club yesterday and was encircled by candles and
6:45 am
white flowers. it is registered to the card daughter but police would not confirm the name. no information has been released on leads or possible suspects or their description. this is the third homicide of the year in san jose. 6:45. concord police say a man would tried to steal a vehicle at gunpoint failed because he did not know how to drive a stick shift it happened on monument boulevard yesterday morning. the owner got into his car and found the carjacker in the passenger seat and the suspect ordered the victim to drive him to another location where he forced the owner out of car. the carjacker then tried to drive off but he could not because he could not figure out the clutch so he ran off. wall street is closed for the president's holiday so trading resumes tomorrow
6:46 am
morning. >> now the holiday morning report. >> each year the i.r.s. compile as dirty dozen list of the most examine tax -- the most common tax scams. here are the most common to watch out for the phone scams which the i.r.s. considers to be the most serious criminals calling people impersonating the i.r.s. and sometimes the number on caller i.d. looks like a real i.r.s. must be and the i.r.s. say they will never call a taxpayer without mailings first and would never ask for a debit or credit card number on the phone and never threaten to bring the police. another scam is fib phishing and i.d. is when they steal a social security number to the return. the i.r.s. said you are still responsible even if it is a
6:47 am
false return filed. three of the warriors biggest names return to the bay area early this afternoon after showing off what makes their brand of basketball so special on the biggest stage. >> warriors head coach led clay thompson and steph curry who provided the razzle dazzle to exit the crowd. after the game curry spoke with our sports director. >> give me your assessment. >> a lost fun. a lot gaining on from start to finish but i was able to enjoy it and had fun things going on off the court was icing on the cake and ready for a couple of days rest. >> the west won 163 to --
6:48 am
to 158. >> like those scores from way back in the 1980's. a lost discovering. a lost scoring. >> scoring a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures. the coast has changed. good morning, everyone, a beautiful picture from sutro tower and we will use that to talk about our warmest winter ever in san francisco. we will be warmer-than-average all week and because we have been that way since december 1 we are running a degree warmer with the highs and the lows compared to our warmth west ever in 1958 through 1959. from arkansas and missouri and into to mid-atlantic states guess where that is holding? up the east coast we possibly round four of new england.
6:49 am
low-to-mid 40s in the north bay valley and low 50s elsewhere but for hayward and san francisco at 53 and 54. what will happen today? we will look at it. we will have cooler temperatures at the coast this afternoon as the sea breeze kicks in and it will be too late to cool the rest of us and we will be warm. sea breeze take over tonight and tomorrow and that will lead to the coolest afternoon best wind starts to blow offshore again this weekend bringing another warming trend to the coast so if you missed out on the warm sun, we have another one coming. here are the clouds along the coast and after the lunch hour, it blows into the coast and it will become cloudy and the rest of us are sunny. we will have a spread from 72 in milpitas and 77 in gilroy and santa cruz is only 68. in the mid-60's along the coast but on the bay side, low-to-mid 70s with a record tying 73 in
6:50 am
mountain view. we are low-to-mid 70s through the north bay valley with santa rosa at 7 a and mid-60s around bodega bay and low 70s into the east bay valleys. tonight, another mild night with mid-to-upper 40s inland and upper 40's to low 50s around the coast. the next 10 days stretching out beyond this seven-day forecast, i do not see much in the way of rain so we focus on 60's at coast through friday and the rest of us return to the 70s on thursday and low-to-mid 70s by saturday everywhere. >> good morning, everyone happy president's day we are taking you to the roads, and this is our 380 camera northbound 880 at fremont right now. you can see the traffic is very light. as we turn this around you can see the traffic headed in the southbound direction that is the beauty of the camera we can turn it however we want and we
6:51 am
do not have brake lights and all is moving along at top speed. also, on the maps, you can see in solano county, 680 and i-80 all moving along at top speed through cordelia to american can wrong and if you take the bridge across, the cartinez or benicia all moving along without problems and no accidents along i-80. the richmond san rafael toll plaza is is not event will and at top speeds everywhere. six days to go to the academy awards. >> a block of hollywood boulevard is closed to allow the crews to put up stages and bleachers and sell more subways will be shut down for the show. there is a deficit this year: the 8.5 pound statute will be
6:52 am
handed out by hand picked filmmakers in across the country. >> you can watch the oscars right here february 22 at 4:00 people with a list of the nominees visit hey, gracie... you know how our family has... daddy and mommy... and me! yeah, that's right. pretty soon... you're going to have a baby brother. ♪ ♪ and... a puppy. ♪ ♪ [ chuckles ] deal. ♪ ♪
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>> good morning on monday, president's day, and we will take a look at what are 360 camera is sighing northbound 880 in fremont you can see it is very light traffic. it is a local day. nothing should impede your way to get to work this morning. >> here seven things to know before you go: one breaking news from oakland firefighters have knock down a fire at -- claremont middle school that is suspicious. >> a security guard was kill over a petty theft by suspec that stole a $20 box of cigars. the security guard died at a local hop. >> day four of the port shut down in oakland and across the west coast with enwhats saying
6:55 am
it and hurting operations. monday plans to slow production at three auto plants because of the delays in getting parts from asia. >> the building that burned last month in the mission district in san francisco was cited if numerous fire violates including missing fire extinguishes blocked fire escapes and broken smock alert. one died. dozens were displaced. >> five, it is just not stopping boston is again. they have received 8 feet of snow in four weeks. the most snow since records began in 1872. >> tracking clouds along the coast and you do not she them from the exploritorium camera other than. >> few high clouds but headed into the afternoon the cooling and the clouds hit the coast and low-to-mid 60's and the rest of us are sunny and
6:56 am
warmer-than-average with upper 60 to mid-70s. >> mass transit is on a holiday weekend schedule if all of our agencies, bart is running on time but on saturday schedule and all ferries weekend schedule and muni and buses and rail on saturday schedule, as well. parking meters still have to use the chains and make sure the cars are not on the wrong side of the street and a holiday light commute. >> we continue online and on twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> back in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america." is a great day and a great weekend -- i meant long vacation weekend.
6:57 am
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. head for the cemetery! good morning, america. happening now. state of emergency. ice and bitter cold wreaking havoc in the south and the northeast buried by another blast of snow and powerful winds. >> there's nowhere to put it. this only throws so high. and we're running out of places. >> roofs collapsing. massive pile-ups on the highway. trains slowed by the snow and wind chills of more than 30 degrees below zero and getting colder. also breaking right now, terror alert. the new air strikes this morning on isis command posts. as fears now mount that the group of isis is spreading, the brutal terror group releasing a video targeting christians and the new arrests overnight tied to that deadly attack in europe. air scare. a woman stung by a scorpion.


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